I have taken this test, but before i will tell which number i chose, i will tell you that i have been reading through this sections and there is more then one that i thought describes my personality. We are complicated human beings, i don’t believe you can describe a person with 5 sentience. was fun test though, there is one thing i know, The reason i chose a specific illustration, and why i didn’t like the rest of them.


Choose a picture which you feel close to you and memorize its number. Below is a group of nine graphic pictures. The one you choose is the closer to your heart which will accordingly describe your feelings and personality.

Pic No. 1:

  Enthusiastic and dynamic. You’re ready to take risks to get a good job position or a good gain. On the other hand, routine exasperates and thwart you. What you’re really seeking is to have an effective role in everything.

Pic No. 2:

  Independent, untraditional and liberal. You prefer a liberal life away from chains. You possess an artistic and sensitive side in your work. Sometimes, seeking liberty or freedom entails opposite goals to what you were wishing for. Your living style is so eccentric and unique. You stand aside from mimicking or imitating others and always try to live your own way and use your own ideas even if you have to swim against the current.

Pic No. 3:

 Transparent, sensitive and influential. Usually, you’re strict with yourself more than being strict with other people. You hate superficiality and prefer to sit alone rather than to argue. On the other hand, your relationship with your friends is very influential which gives you satisfaction. It’s ok with you to stay alone even for a long time because you rarely feel bored.

Pic No. 4:

 Pacifist, calm and dislike violence. You’re easy to handle and you can befriend others effortlessly. You enjoy your privacy and independence and you always seek to be alone once in a while to meditate the meaning of life. You are a peace lover and appreciate the gift of life.

Pic No. 5:

 Self-confident, very practical and professional. You are responsible and the maker of your own life and decisions. You don’t believe in luck and depend on your interpretations and actions. You tend to solve your problems easily and reasonably. People around you trust you and depend on you because you trust yourself and believe in yourself. You don’t rest until you reach your goals even if you have to fight for them.

Pic No. 6:

Practical, realistic and balanced. You love natural life and hate all kinds of complications. People love you because you are steadfast and dependable, sometimes strict but you are the unfaltering type. You spread hope and security to people around you because you’re honest and trustworthy. You’re not a fashion lover and you like clothes to be practical rather than trendy and stylish but it doesn’t mean you are not tasteful and elegant.

Pic No. 7:

 Confident, neat and trustworthy. You are very sensitive and you always surround yourself with flashy people who at the end turn out to be fake. Education and learning seem to affect your life immensely. You try to shape your own approaches to life with attention to your appearance but away from ostentation. It’s true that some people get affected by you but you are prone to be affected by others likewise.

Pic No. 8:

 Romantic, dreamy and emotional. You’re a very sensitive person who refuses to judge things or incidents from logical point of view but you like to share your emotions because your sentiments are important to you. You alienate yourself from those who ignore romance and from people who tend to be racists. You don’t allow anyone to disturb your serenity.

Pic No. 9:

 Joyful, simple, open and always on the run. You like the unsophisticated lifestyle away from complexities and you want to enjoy it till the last moment. You always look for everything new and aspire for change. Nothing bothers you more than feeling that you’re pinned down or chained. You can adapt quickly and people get familiar with you and your surprises.