one more Artist who is using Polymer clay  to create her characters and her mini scene for three dimensional illustrations.

You can get Polymer Clay in many colours including different skin tones, colours from rainbow to metal,pearl,gold, stone, and many more.
After finishing the sculpture it need to be baked, i was reading in many website it is better not to use your oven for this as this substance is posioness. it is also says on the packages it cause birth defects – aaa that is worrying..

There are many websites who got great tutorials of how to use this Polymer clay,even how to make realistic eyes! but there is a need of other metirials, such as tools, resin, pasta maker machine and many more.

a small pack is about £2, but on e-bay you can get it cheaper although it might not be from a fresh batch.

here is her talking about her technique (from her website):