Aren’t this amazing! this is the art of simplicity and imagination in its best! way didn’t i think about it,genies!


The artist is Carlo Giovani. and he calls himself visual artist. must see his site, his paper art is great.

This is his vegi animals why didn’t I think about it??!!

And this cute fruit animal i found on Facebook, just thought it belongs to this post –


I absolutely love her work. this is something i would like to try myself, i love the style, and i was examine her work very closely, cause i love it!!

Irma is from Spain and work in clay plasticine and polymer clay, i could not find any information about size wise of this project but i am guessing she is working on small scale miniature installations. looks like she is using other materials other then clay which she combine in a lovey why.

Very colourful, bright and cheerful. appropriate lighting which makes the right atmosphere.

after all that there is a need to take high resolution photographs of the mini scene, i can just imagine her studio, wait a minute i might be able to find it on google : No. isn’t that a shame ):

It is one of my favorites, so imaginative and innocent.